The Reverend John Delore

Wisconsin native and Brooklyn transplant John DeLore maintains the rural textures of home, blending them elegantly with life amongst concrete, steel and strangers. DeLore writes catchy songs with easy melodies and his gravelly, soulful voice echoes Dr. John and Patrick Sweaney. It’s Americana mixed with traditional rock and the sentiments are tangible like dirty hands, while a fair amount of restraint leads to ambiance and warmth. DeLore never boils over, making sure to simmer like butter on a hot plate.

Sweet Talk For Pretty Daughters

Independent October 16, 2012

This album was independently produced & is dedicated to all artists/creators who go out into the desert & come back with things to share with the rest. “Make a Little Room” is dedicated to Chris & Jeanne. The reverend loves you.

Songs From Church Avenue

Independent December 07, 2011

Little John The Conqueror

Independent June 04, 2011

The anticipated follow-up to "Ode to American Urn." Produced & Recorded by John DeLore. Recorded at the Black Lodge, Brooklyn, NY (May thru December 2010). Mixed by Bryan Pugh. Mastered by Kevin Blackler.

Ode to an American Urn

Independent May 02, 2009

Ode to an American Urn plays out like a Midwestern man warmed and scratched up by the big city and is meaningful like a heavy handshake with an old timer. “Don’t Fall Asleep at the Wheel” is fun yet tempered, a love song as much as a road song. The narrator says to someone making their way home to “turn up the radio, just sing along to whatever comes on, make up words.” “Jerusalem” bears a ’50s swagger matched with Muscle Shoals flavoring. “Slow Down” digs deep with simple tribal beats and sparse piano playing and DeLore sings as if in the distance, his voice reaching from the past. For the Izzy Stradlin-flavored “In’Shallah,” the steady backbeat stomps with driving piano funk. DeLore paints imagery with lyrics, such as “I cut my tooth in a city where there is no orchard on a hill / where the undertaker kicks a stone down the street / I guess even death has lost its thrill.” With Ode to an American Urn, DeLore crafts music and literature, topography rich in American scenery and weary hearts. By: Brian Tucker

Moisopolon Domos

independent Jul 01, 2008

Live on Fair Game at WNYC n/a May 27, 2008