Peter Nevins

An American in Montreal, Peter Nevins has recently relocated from NYC to Canada’s cultural capital, “because of the huge infusion of inspiration that hit (me) as soon as I got here.” Originally from San Francisco, and having lived 3 years in NYC’s East Village and Brooklyn, when he’s not playing music, he’s often designing t-shirts and posters for people like Gillian Welch, Old Crow Medicine Show and Josh Ritter, or strangest of all: he draws some of the temporary tattoos you see for sale in the machines in the supermarkets. Because of his association with pop art, much of Nevins’s art is adapted to reproduction. In particular, he finds the limited palette of serigraphy to be a “very useful obstruction which serves to focus the vision and helps hone the imagery down to the essentials.” Never shy about mixing his art metaphors with musical ones, he continues: “if you think about it, the Beatles did most of their best work with just a 4-track recorder. If you can’t say it with a few colors more isn’t gonna help.”

Take That, Vile Scum!

independent 2009

Folk-psyche-rock dandyism in three minute songwriting with a dash of Americana