Kara Suzanne

There are reasons why Rock & Roll and Country music continue to be relevant forms of expression in the American landscape. In the early stretch of the 21st century, Kara Suzanne is one of those reasons. While Kara's timeless lyrics and powerhouse vocal delivery are filled with signposts pointing to the classic influence of musicians like Emmylou Harris, Neil Young, and Dolly Parton, there is also a fresh and modern sensibility. With the high octane drive of the ever-formidable band, the Gojo Hearts, the songs steer clear of predictability. The Gojos' dynamic live shows have become increasingly popular, both in esteemed NYC venues such as Irving Plaza, the Living Room, Southpaw, and Luna Lounge, and at various film festivals, from Sundance, to Nantucket, to the Hamptons. In addition, the album we made, "Aumsville," recently won Best Album of the Year from the Independent Music Awards.


Sublimity Jul 01, 2006

Kara's first album, which won independent album of the year, 2006 (Indi Music Awards)

Live From the Dream [EP]

Sublimity Jul 01, 2008