David Cieri

...(Cieri) delivers really beautiful moods and strong playing all around...its real music, not trapped by boxes, definitions, genres or styles... it creates its own style...honest, imaginative, fearless...

-John Zorn : 2010

We have collaborated with countless musicians whose work is featured in all of our documentary films, but after encountering David’s skills we both agree that he is one of the most talented pianists, if not THE most talented and unique pianist we have ever had the privilege of working with.

-Erik Ewers and Paul Barnes of Ken Burns’ Florentine Films : 2010

Formal Proof That The Universe Is Neither Cruel Nor Kind And That This Is The Greatest Conceivable Horror

independent Aug 2, 2013

Recorded at Brooklyn Studios, Brooklyn NY - February 8th 2013 

David Cieri - Piano, Waterphone 
William Parker - Bass 
Daniel Carter - Saxophones, Trumpet, Clarinet 
Elizabeth Brown - Dan Bao, Shakuhachi, Theremin 
Rubin Kodheli - Cello 
Jay Frederick - Drums 
Rick Kwan - Engineer/Mix 
Blackler Mastering - Master

Hard Times - Music From The Film Not Working

independent July 11, 2012

D.W. Gibson recently penned "Not Working" about the latest recession and the effect it has had on people from all different professions. In a way it acts as the counterpart to Studs Turkels "Working". He is also directing a film by the same name and this record is the score for the film. 

Recorded June 11th 2012 - Bunker Studios - Williamsburg Brooklyn

David Cieri - piano 
Jay Frederick - drums 
Putnam Murdock - guitars 
Rosa Valenze Gilmore - violin 
Rich Hinman - pedal steel 
Rubin Kodheli - cello 
Bryan Pugh - monotribe 

Engineer and Mix - Bryan Pugh 
Mastering - Kevin Blackler 

Photography - Christopher Loren Ewers 
Art Direction - Bruce Bell

independent Apr 29, 2009

The approached of this album is an immediacy of dark guttural responses with a few basic themes. Featuring drums, Jay Frederick, two bass clarinets, Josh Sinton and GIlad Ronen, and Dave playing a menacing 92 key piano. Josh Roseman lent us his studio, 58 North 6th, MediaLabs, in Williamsburg, which greatly aided to the creative atmosphere.